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2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM Replacement Guide

2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM Replacement Guide

Thinking of replacing your 2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM but unsure of how to move forward? Then you’re at the right place. Before we get into it all you need to understand what exactly is the PCM and some of the symptoms of a having a non working auto computer.  The acronym PCM stands for the Powertrain Control Modules it is also known as the ECM or the ECU. The powertrain control module is the brain of your vehicle,basically all of the inputs and data received from the other control modules as you are driving down the road are processed by the ECU ( Electronic Control units).

Common symptoms of a failing 2003 Chrysler town and Country PCM

Some of the common symptoms of non working Chrysler engine computers are illuminated check engine light,car fails to start,noticeable decrease in fuel economy and running rough at idle. If you are getting a check engine light the pcm can be the culprit since the PCM is responsible for so many functions and also responsible to make adjustments to your vehicle based on your driving habits makes it a top priority when diagnosis a check engine light.

Your car failed to start but you are also not having a check engine could the PCM ECM ECU be the issue? Yes absolutely, all modern powertrain control modules work as a middle man between the alternator and the battery. if your auto computer is not relying the information that your battery should be charging as you are driving then you will most likely wake up to either a dead battery or a soon to be dead battery. In all Chrysler vehicles especially the 3.8L (38L v6 gas) the engine control module plays a big role when it comes to a well timed ignition and it is also in charge to moderate the Air and Fuel mixture for a perfect combustion which can have a noticeable impact on your fuel economy.

How to identify your Chrysler PCM part number

So you’ve came to the realization that you in fact need a new PCM for Chrysler so you open up the hood and grab on the unit only to realize that the ECM has several numbers either stickied or etched onto it. Now you could really use any of them but that would lead to a waste time and money to order a computer programmed to the wrong part number as they all very vehicle specific and things such as the year of the vehicle, the engine size and even litter size.

In order to program the unit to the right software calibration your vehicle’s part number is of paramount importance and in order for your auto computer to come plug and play the VIN number needs to match the calibration that was installed on your unit. On your powertrain control module PCM there is sticker like the one showed below that display a sequence number,a serial part number, a P/N number and a module number. Pay close attention to the picture we have uploaded as it shows you exactly where you should be looking in order to find the right part number.

If you have a four plugs Chrysler engine control module then you need to pay attention the the sticker that says P/N


Chrysler part number and picture of the ECM 2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM guideIf you have a 2 plugs Chrysler control unit then you should check the bottom of the PCM it should have a sticker on it as long as it was never removed of course.

bottom of a 2 plug chrysler pCM 2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM


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