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2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM Problems

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0L Engine Computer (PCM/ECM/ECU) Programmed Plug&Play

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee PCM Problems

The Jeep Grand Cherokee overland is a powerhouse which encompasses robust and reliable drive mechanisms. Unlike many vehicles, most Jeeps comprise 4WD, which makes them stable in any terrain, including snows and sand. However, just like any other mechanical invention, the 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is vulnerable to degradation through wear and tear. From issues with the brakes rotor to problems with the cooling fan, you might find yourself visiting the garage twice as usual. But these are nothing a qualified mechanic can’t fix. While at it, you can ask for a check at your disc brakes and cruise control. Below are some common issues in 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee as stated by consumer reports:

  1. Electrical malfunctions

The Cherokee overland is a reliable vehicle with a robust wheel driving mechanism. It houses five passengers and can accommodate 4.0 liters of fuel. If a wire disconnects, as is with many electrical appliances, this can mean the start of many trips with your Grand Cherokee to the garage. A prevalent issue among 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee users is the improper functioning of the door harness. Several other electrical problems in this car include:

  1. Door harness is defective

Since 1998, the Grand Cherokee wj continues to meet expectations while surpassing those of its predecessor, the ZJ. The car’s design enables the vehicle to possess traits that augment its off-road capacity. However, some door harness defects make the Jeep Grand Cherokee an inconvenience. When wires in the sliding door snap, this is more likely to occur. This undermines the sliding capability of the car’s doors, which, in rare cases, might cease to function.

  1. Driver’s side door severs wiring harness

The Grand Cherokee boasts a sturdy design and trim. Electrical wiring in the car is efficient as seen with the interior lights, but it can also be the root of problems in many Jeep Grands. If the wiring becomes severed, it may cause the interior lights to shut off, sparking, shorting and even lead to a fire. A visit to a dependable garage near you will have your car back in shape in no time.

  1. Accidental alarm sounds while driving

The Grand Cherokee features several desirable traits and electrical issues do less to undermine this. However, they are an annoying drawback. A dependable mechanic, however, can assist with the repair of several wiring problems in your Jeep Grand. They can also tend to the accidental alarm that sometimes sounds while driving.  The o2 sensors might need a tune-up, especially if you suspect that the vehicle has emissions. This will help you figure out the proportional amount of oxygen in the gas or liquid.

  1. Oil and rear seal leaking

Even with their unmatched capability in off-road settings, corrosion at the oil pad might lead to underperformance. This is mainly due to the unnoticed oil leaks. It takes an observant eye to notice leaking oil, let alone the source even in the jeep grand. You can halt the fuel leak by having professionals patch up the fuel injectors or by buying a new spare to replace the corroded one. Try to check for radiator leaking as well. The primary cause of radiator leaks is the corrosion. Hoses, radiators and hose connections all collect sediments, which accumulate over time resulting in cracks in the radiator. With a proper washing machine, removing the rusts can be more comfortable.

  1. The engine sputters in drive, then dies shortly after ignition

Jeeps have competently working engines as compared to many vehicles in the same price range, such as the Landrover and Honda pilot. It takes several years of use to get the engine of a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee defective. However, lack of maintenance and regular repair causes damage at a much faster rate. A defective Jeep engine sputters first after ignition, with adverse cases causing the car to stall. Starting maybe a challenge with a faulty Jeep engine. Visit the nearest garage to check and hopefully resolve the issue. If the air filter happens to be flawed as well, you can have the repairer replace it with a new one.

  1. Moaning while making a turn

The 2004 Grand Cherokee popularity is due to its excellent climate control, power steering and capability in off-road environments. The robust rear axle makes handling the car easier, even in demanding roads. However, several consumer reports reveal that many grand Cherokee produces a moaning sound while attempting a turn. It may be due to inferior wheel bearings, or even an issue with the brakes. This should not be an overwhelming task since there are many repair shops you can visit to have them repaired.

Other defects you might find

It is typical to observe abnormalities in your 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee other than the ones listed above. From damaged disc brakes to issues with rims and wheels, your defective Jeep will have you visit the repair shop more. Here are other problems that are widespread among Jeep Grands:

  • Brake pedal becomes depressed due to a fractured brake line causing incompetence in the master cylinder.
  • While driving, the wheels, tires and steering shake severely.
  • Rim corrosion, which sometimes results in rims blowing out. In highways, this can be dangerous.
  • Exhaust problems.

If possible, try to find credible Jeep truck dealers near you for genuine spare parts and service. Long-serving garages have individuals with an immense understanding of the vehicle and its drawbacks. Besides maintaining the integrity of your car, it keeps it in excellent working shape.


The 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee is undoubtedly among the best off-road vehicles. However, many 2004 Cherokee owners have reports of the car performing poorly. If yours is a second-hand vehicle, consider taking it for servicing at your nearest garage once in a while. Still, new cars should also visit the garage for maintenance. While there, ensure the mechanic checks the engine thoroughly for faults and repairs. The 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee overland is a reliable car, which takes on almost any type of terrain so long as it is in excellent shape. Keep your Jeep in good working condition by having regular trips to the repair shop for constant maintenance.

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