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2005 Ford Explorer Problems You Should Not Ignore

2005 Ford Explorer problems

2005 Ford Explorer Problems You Should Not Ignore

The 2005 Ford Explorer SUV is the last of the third making, which began in 2002. The mid-size drive system is the heart of all makings, with additional features that make it the best-selling model in North America for about 15 years. The wagon is based on a truck frame with lots of space than most Ford owners will ever use as it comes with an optional third-row seat. The 2005 Ford SUV has not changed much, but it has improved by adding standard advance two modes, XLT and XLS, which feature additional sport trims in both V8 and V6. Although the wagon has these great features, it is also prone to problems cited by Ford Explorer owners.

Common 2005 Ford Explorer Problems

Some of the prevalent problems cited by car owners include body and paint cracks, cracked panels, the panel below the rear window cracks, and electric system issues. However, these raising defects leave your family car with no severe damage. The best action is to wait for the Ford Explorer Limited to recall for servicing and panel replacement.

Other Major Issues in 2005 Ford Explorer

Apart from exterior body problems being the most raising issue with the 2005 Explorer drive, other concerns emerging can adversely affect Explorer Sport Trac performance. Below are some of the issues realized:

  • Issues with transmission  

Transmission shifts can happen when the 2005 Ford Trac gears jump without giving a warning. Also, inoperative gears or challenge when shifting them is an indication of a failing transmission system. Checking engine transmission fluid regularly can reduce transmission issues and ensure that your car is running smoothly.

  • Brake problems

Some 2005 Ford Explorer users complain about gear failures and abnormal acceleration/deceleration while you are on the steering wheel. The car halts abruptly and then accelerates forward after shifting the gears. Efficient removal of one whole in the separator plate can aid in modifying this problem. Experts should change vehicle gears for you when they fail due to wear and tear.

  • OD light defects

This is another concern raised by the vehicles’ owners. It’s a transmission issue that causes the sensory speeding warning light coming on your car engine modulation part. The best actions to take is replacing the transmission system with a new one.

  • Air-condition system issues

The NHTSA complaints indicate that this model is prone to extreme heat, even when the air conditioner is on. The report shows that the Ford Explorer XLS 40l gets stuck in tropical settings. A broken heat blend door causes the condition. The thermostat housing fails to maintain the required temperature standards. Thus, unstable temperatures on the car’s thermostats cause the breakdown of the heater blend door. Carrying out a replacement of the heater core is your only best solution. 

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  • Rough Stall and idling

If your Ford Explorer XLT is experiencing rough idle and stalling, it has a misfiring and power loss problem. A vacuum leak is created in the case, and the ring gaskets crack. Usually, when the vacuum leaks, air gets into the fuel system and engine. Changing your vehicle’s gaskets can help resolve this problem. Your 2005 Ford Explorer engine control module should also be examined regularly to curb this issue.

  • Engine noise and failure

A knocking noise coming under the hood that rises and falls with engine rpm is a good indicator of failing engine bearings and timing chain. These wheel bearings support most parts of your car engine’s movements, and should they stop, the Ford automobile engine could suffer a major defect. Regular use of the best engine coolant and fluid change can ensure that your car is running smoothly.

  • Plastic intake manifold cracks

Car research reports show that the XLT Sport is vulnerable to coolant leakage. The 2005 XLT Sport is susceptible because of its overheating plastic manifold. Any consistent coolant leaks will cause the engine to overheat, and a vehicle idling is one of the signs of plastic intake crack on the plastic intake manifold. A regular visit to your repair company should fix any engine coolant problem. 

  • Wind noise

Air pressure is one of the common causes of wind noise issue. As the car moves on the road, it creates a difference in air pressure between outside and inside. The inside pressure becomes higher than outside, and air will try to escape outside. Unpleasant wind noise is heard in case of worn out door and window shields. Feel safe to seek professional attention and ask the best maintenance solution.

Mintt LogoConclusion

2005 Ford Explorer 40l is a reliable truck that boasts about its great look and feel, high tech levels, increased car safety, and perfect performance. It is an easy to drive car with a great CD player. However, the Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer is associated with multiple problems according to vehicle users’ complaints.

The model is said to be prone to issues like transmission failures, transmission slips, poor traction control, and light blinking. Exterior body problems and climate control issues are also common car research concerns. However, these issues are minimal with regular car maintenance and a function Engine Control Module.


  1. What is wrong with the 2005 Ford Explorer?

The model has improper wiring harness, improper seat folds, restraints, and high fire risks. The model has several other problems that have spearheaded its recent recall for modification.

  1. Are there any recalls on the 2005 Ford Explorer?

Yes. NHTSA issues consistent recalls to new and used XLS 401 Ford Explorer cars. Every recall made offers free repair costs to users, but they have a limited duration. Feel free to contact your Ford service provider for the necessary repair service once a recall is announced. The first recall was on 23rd March 2006 for exterior lighting replacement, and the second one was on 11 Dec 2007. The recall aimed at enhancing visibility by replacing side and rear glasses.

  1. Is a 2005 Ford Explorer a reliable car?

Yes, it is a reliable vehicle. The 2005 Ford Explorer is a make that offers a comfortable ride and overall quality reliability. The wagon boasts about interactive and smooth transport with maximum comfort. Most users also recommend this safe vehicle for its outstanding experience on the road. 

  1. How many miles does a 2005 Ford Explorer usually last?

The 2005 Ford SUVs run and have an average 12k miles gas mileage a year when a proper maintenance routine is followed.

Comments (3)

  • Sue Suggs Reply

    The paint is looking bad the clear coat has come off the hood. The plastic under rear window at hatch is cracked all to pieces. Every 2005 explorer that I’ve seen has this problem an was told its not a defect. Electoral system. Cost 400.00 to change valve cover gaskets. The main computer that controls the tire sensor is bad. Have already had the heater blend door fixed. Wouldn’t recommend anyone buying these subs. Wheel bearings went out before 100,000 miles. We bought this vehicle in 2007 an it was a 1 owner

    June 26, 2021 at 7:08 pm
    • Lloyd Forde Reply

      Do you still own the vehicle what color was it i have the exact same.problem with my 2005 i bought off a neighbor in my building

      June 19, 2022 at 3:12 pm
  • Amanda Reply

    My 2005 Eddie Bauer edition has a crack all the way from the window down the back panel of my rear gate or hatch. The transmission started slipping at 70,000 miles. Now at 90,000 miles there are metal shavings in my transmission pan. This is my second Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer that both radiators started leaking before 90,000 miles. The rear end also went out in my 2005. It’s so frustrating because I know people that own Ford Explorers that have 150k to 200k miles with virtually no problems. Both my vehicles have given me multiple problems despite taking excellent care and changing the oil every 3,000 miles. I love the seats and the backup beeper sensors, they,re the only reason I bought the vehicles. I guess it’s time to look for a different vehicle all together.

    September 11, 2022 at 1:16 am

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