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About Us

Welcome To MINTT

MINTT is the most reputable supplier of refurbished automotive control modules worldwide. We have been established for over a Decade and have developed robust relationships with all of our clients. In order to maintain our lead as the top supplier, we consistently strive for excellency in quality-support for our clients. Our seasoned representatives are professionally trained and will go above and beyond to meet expectations. We are growing at an accelerating pace each year and consistently strive to cement ourselves as the industry’s price & quality leader – one customer at a time!

We understand that our clients’ time is just as valuable as our relationship with them- which is why we ship orders as soon as we can- wherever you are. Additionally, we provide some of the largest discounts in the business- which is why we are the nominate source for Motorists and Auto-Mechanics for all Engine Computers, Powertrain Control Units and more!

In conjunction with our great deals, we offer a secure and seamless shopping experience for all our clients. We value your time and experience and have dedicated a brand-new website with an upgraded interface to improve user-experience.

For our clients who prefer a more personalized approach, our highly-trained representatives are always one phone-call away to assist you with all of your questions and concerns. To keep an eye on discounts, exclusive deals and insider information on products from the industry’s most trusted brands, feel free to follow us via this website, our blog, or any of our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

Remember to choose MINTT for the best quality parts and prices!

Our Team

Programming Department

The Programming Department here at MINTT is the place where all the magic happens. We have a team of Programmers, Engineers and Licensed Mechanics working seamlessly to complete a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include: extensively testing all of our units, repairing and refurbishing of our units and performing programming services on all of our outbound units. They also spend time researching industry trends, compiling important module information and developing new programming procedures.

In the near future, we hope to be able to supply our customers with custom tuning options. Our team of programmers have been spending most of their down time perfecting methods to add custom tuning to our programmed units. We expect to be able to offer tuning services very soon- Stay tuned for updates!

Sales Department

The Sales Department here at MINTT, is where all of our customer’s orders are processed. Our sales team is made up of 30+ Men and Women working in unison to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of service. Our sales hierarchy is broken down from Senior Account Managers to Junior Account Managers. Our Senior Account Managers oversee a team of Juniors to ensure each order we receive is handled with the utmost urgency. Some of our account reps daily tasks include: receiving and processing all incoming orders, answering incoming phone calls and responding to customer inquiries. Each of our customers are assigned a dedicated account representative who can answer any questions or concerns while their order is processed.

Providing proper training is a very crucial part of our core competency. All of our account reps are trained for several months before they are directly assigned to a customers account. We also strive to attend several sales conferences every year to gain further knowledge in hopes of providing our customers the quality of service they deserve. A few conferences we’ve attended recently, include AAPEX in Las Vegas, Sales 3.0 in San Francisco and the Sales Innovation Expo in London. We plan to attend more conferences in the future to continue providing our employees with the training they deserve.

Shipping Department

The Shipping Department is where all of our incoming and outgoing packages are organized and packaged. Our Shipping Room Supervisor oversees the daily tasks performed by our Mail Clerks. These daily tasks include: receiving and organizing incoming packages, weighing & wrapping outgoing packages, sorting warehouse inventory and various other activities that ensure that our products are shipped in a timely manner. Our shipping department works with USPS and UPS to deliver and receive daily shipments of products.