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2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM Replacement Guide

Thinking of replacing your 2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM but unsure of how to move forward? Then you’re at the right place. Before we get into it all you need to understand what exactly is the PCM and some of the symptoms of a having a non working auto computer.  The acronym PCM stands for the Powertrain Control Modules it is also known as the ECM or the ECU. The powertrain control module is the brain of your [...]

Testing your ignition control module with a multimeter

Ignition Control Module Testing With A Multimeter

The Ignition Control Module is an electric switch that turns your ignition system “on and ” Off”. The ICM relies on a signal from a sensor that is located inside of the distributor which directs it to fire up the ignition coil. The ignition coil once fired up creates just enough energy for the spark plugs to do their job. The energy produced by the ignition coil should be strong enough to bridge the spark plugs together which in [...]

The Engine Control Module and All Of The Answers

what are the symptoms of a bad ecm? Some of the common symptoms of a bad engine control module ecm are an illuminated check engine light, a failing engine control unit will stall or misfire and as the driver you should experience a noticeable increase of engine performance issues with no specific patterns that can be reproduced. what does an engine control module do The engine control module controls the variable camshaft timing which increases fuel efficiency, the fuel mixture which is [...]

The Airbag Control Unit And It’s Purpose

The utilization of sophisticated car computers within modern cars has resulted in many features that, nowadays, are considered to be among the most important. Normally when companies want to showcase their new vehicles, safety ratings are one of the first qualities that they advertise. Statistically, there are 1.3 million fatalities globally as a result of car accidents and they are the leading cause of death among young adults, so it is no surprise that companies make safety a top [...]

Gm engine control module and how to reset tour auto engine control module

How To Reset Your Auto Computer Easily

Understanding The Engine Control Module One of the engine computer’s most vital properties is its capacity to store massive amounts of data that help provide a foundation for the powertrain control module to act restoratively within the vehicle. The control module is constantly receiving this data from a multitude of different sensors which the module uses to make adjustments in order to allow the vehicle to run as efficiently as possible. This data is instrumental for the powertrain control module [...]

GM type E powertrain control module symptoms

Powertrain Control Module Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

Detecting Powertrain Control Module Symptoms Your vehicle’s engine computer (PCM ECM) plays a vital role when it comes to troubleshooting and fault-detection and it is an essential part of engine performance so when your control module begins showing signs of its own faults, then it can cause massive issues within your vehicle. If your engine control module is not working properly, it can manifest in many different ways such as: emission control, on-board diagnostics, fuel economy, the overall drive ability [...]

example of a dodge cummins engine control module

The Auto Engine Control Module and When to Replace It

The act of diagnosing your auto engine control module, or ECM/PCM, can oftentimes be a long and involved process. When it comes to the control module, or electrical components in general, it is not always clear where your symptoms are originating from which can make it difficult to determine where you should begin in terms of testing and replacement. For many people, the engine control module can be perceived as a sort of enigma and when it malfunctions, it [...]

4 Easy Steps to Diagnose your Engine Computer (PCM/ECM/ECU Control Module)

4 Basic Steps to Diagnose your Engine Control Unit (PCM/ECM)

Today we’re going to be covering 4 methods to assist you diagnose your Engine Computer (PCM/ECM/ECU Control Module) as to whether or otherwise not it is the concern inside your vehicle. The steps we’re going to be covering are Visual Examination, a basic Exchange, utilizing a device for instance a Scanner, and Process of Elimination. 1. Visual Examination When doing a visual inspection you would like to begin by examining the PINs. You want to ensure you can find all upright [...]

What does ECM stand for Mintt

What Does ECM Stand For and It’s Use

Vehicles in the 21st century have come a long way since their invention in the 19th century, not only in terms of design and availability, but in terms of performance as well. Today’s technology has allowed companies to develop more efficient vehicles where they utilize advanced computer software to optimize vehicle performance. In addition to this sophisticated software, the car components themselves have become more effective as a result of these technological advancements resulting in what we now recognize [...]

Powertrain control module, engine control module pcm ecm ecu

What is the Powertrain Control Module ( PCM ECM ECU)?

The powertrain control module, or PCM, is a pivotal component of most modern vehicles and is largely responsible for the overall performance and inner workings of the whole of the engine control system. The powertrain control module’s general purpose within the vehicle is chiefly to monitor and manage the important functions within the car or truck which ensures its efficient and stable operation. New technology and the ever-expanding advances in computer development have substantially contributed to the overall modernization [...]

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