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AI car

Driverless Cars Putting the “Auto” in Automobiles!

It's incredible but you better believe it: driverless cars are on the horizon so it stands to reason that their car engine computers will be that much more complex. Which is why you will continue to need the experts at MINTT for the best brains in the business! Now anyone who's ever tried computer programming knows how tough that is, so it's perfectly natural to be skeptical of all the wild claims about driverless cars.  After all, just take a look...

Graphene For Engines?

We here at MINTT are all about car engine computers, control modules of all sorts, like for brakes, transmissions, fuel injection, and of course the engine itself as mentioned -- Ford, Chrysler, GM, Mazda, all makes and models...even a full complement of Tesla Motors parts one fine day, too! Speaking of the hi-tech: how about that graphene in car engines; wow, have you heard? It's basically the next transistor, something that will transform the world, how we live and get...

Welcome To MINTT!

Thank you for visiting, the official blog of MINTT, where quality car engine computers, powertrain control modules, and all kinds of electronic control units for Ford, Chrysler, GM, and other automakers' vehicles can be found at the deepest discounts anywhere online or off.  We are close to celebrating our tenth year serving you, and have decided that this is an appropriate occasion for launching an journal of our thoughts about the industry, including current and future trends as well as...