Engine Size

Behold our distinguished collection of Chrysler PCM (Powertrain Control Modules), also interchangeably classified as ECM (Engine Control Modules) or ECU (Engine Control Units). These integral components stand as the operational backbone of your Chrysler, meticulously managing essential systems to ensure your vehicle delivers peak performance. Mintt, a name steeped in trust and excellence for over a decade in the industry, provides PCM units that are skillfully programmed to enhance engine performance and boost fuel efficiency. Each Chrysler PCM within our robust inventory is engineered with an unwavering commitment to quality, invariably matching or outdoing OEM standards. As the world’s premier provider of programmed OEM engine control modules, we consistently uphold a stock of over 300,000 parts. Opt for a Mintt Chrysler PCM for a superior module that significantly amplifies power, performance, and the longevity of your cherished Chrysler vehicle.