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Comfort Control Modules – Free Shipping

Comfort Control Module (CCM) are a standard component for every German manufactured vehicle. If you own a Audi, Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen, your car will more then likely contain this module.

“What is the Comfort Control Module “

The Comfort Control Module (or Convenience Control Module) is responsible for handling the electronic functions of the vehicle.

All the electronics are controlled by the Comfort Control Module (CCM). It’s a black box underneath the floor panel (RHD). When you are experiencing electrical issues on your vehicle, it’s always recommended along with checking all the wiring to check the comfort control modules, or let an electrician do that. Sometimes the module gets rusty inside and needs to be replaced.

What are the most common symptoms that may point to a CCM fixing or replacement?

  • Strange things going on with the electronics
  • Electric windows are not working
  • Interior lights are not working
  • Key fob is not working
  • Clicking noises in the passenger/driver seat area (depending on the model)

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