Experience the superior performance and unwavering reliability of our Injection Control Modules (IDM), alternately known as Engine Control Modules (ECM), Engine Control Units (ECU), or Powertrain Control Modules (PCM). Each IDM from our selection is a testament to Mintt’s unwavering dedication to quality, a reflection of our decade-long expertise in providing programming services. Our IDMs, ECMs, ECUs, and PCMs are masterfully engineered to boost your vehicle’s fuel efficiency, enhance engine functionality, and heighten the overall powertrain performance. Whether you’re contending with a failing injection control module or intending to upgrade your vehicle’s powertrain control, our vast inventory of over 300,000 OEM parts features the perfect IDM tailored to your specific needs. Rely on Mintt’s sterling reputation for superior quality, unmatched service, and a wide range of products for your vehicle’s engine computer components.

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