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Engine Control Modules - ECM - PCM - ECU


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FAQs about the Engine Control Modoule

1) What are the symptoms of a bad PCM?

A bad PCM shares symptoms with defects in other components, so there isn’t a specific diagnosis for bad PCMs. However, erratic changes in engine performance, check engine light indication and failed ignition are all possible signs of a damaged PCM. In most cases, if other components seem normal, the engine performance issue likely stems from bad PCM.

2) How much does it cost to replace a PCM in a car?

Each car has a unique PCM and the price of a new unit ranges from $450 to $1,800 or more. The labor cost for fitting your new PCM also cost anywhere between $50 and $150. New replacements usually come with programming and ensuring all codes are running as intended.

3) What is the difference between a PCM and a ECM?

Many people believe PCM and ECM (or ECU) are the same, which is valid to some extent. PCM (power-train control module) controls both engine performance and transmission while ECM (electronic control module) only controls issues about the engine. Many modern cars feature a PCM as it regulates both the ECU and TCU.

4) What causes a PCM to fail?

There are many specific reasons why a PCM unit might fail. However, voltage overload and environmental factors such as weather elements, extreme heat, vibration and cracked circuit board remain the top causes of PCM failure.


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