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2010 Toyota Matrix Engine Computer (PCM/ECM/ECU) Plug&Play


2010 Toyota Matrix Engine Computer (PCM/ECM/ECU) Plug&Play

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Year: 2010

Make: Toyota

Model: Matrix


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Pre-Programmed 2010 Toyota Matrix Engine Control Module (PCM/ECM/ECU) Plug&Play

Programmed, Flashed & Updated with the latest OEM Software Updates from the car manufacturers.

PCM ECU ECM part numbers that are compatible with this control unit

28146991, 28154815, 28178883, 28187364, 28225602, 28244086, 89661-02L70, 89661-02L71, 89661-02L72, 89661-02V00, 89661-02V01, 89661-02V02, 89661-02V30, 89661-02V31, 89661-02V32, 89661-02V33, 89661-02V34, 89661-02V35, 89661-02V50, 89661-02V51, 89661-02V52, 89661-02V53, 89661-02V60, 89661-02V61, 89661-02V62, 89661-02V63, 89661-02V70, 89661-02V71, 89661-02V72, TN275300-7550, TN275300-7601, TN275400-0590, TN275400-0610 & TN275400-6320

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM), sometimes referred to as the Engine Control Module (PCM/ECM/ECU) is the brain of all modern vehicles. These computers monitor various metrics to ensure the engine is running at its optimal performance. They also store error codes that can be used to diagnose a range of engine and transmission problems. Each vehicle trim comes with a unique PCM pre-programmed to its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Although some computers can last several years, the PCM will eventually wear out. Faulty PCM and damaged engine control modules are common among older car models, such as the 2010 Toyota Matrix. You can purchase and install a PCM replacement to avoid the series of erratic performance issues that accompany faulty computers.

Is your 2010 Toyota Matrix damaged?

The 2010 Toyota Matrix is usually located in the engine bay on the driver side, on the firewall or near the battery. There are several symptoms of a bad or faulty computer.

    If you are experiencing any of these problems, chances are you need a new PCM:

  • The engine cranks but does not start
  • Stalling issue when shifting gears or starting the car
  • Intermittent misfires
  • Peculiar smell and increased emissions
  • Ignitions coil not receiving enough spark
  • Diagnostic trouble codes P1792 (ECM to TCM engine coolant signal), P06010 (internal control modules memory checksum error), P0606 (ECM processor fault), P1890 (ECM data input circuit) and P1690 (ECM loop overrun), among others.

Replacing your 2010 Toyota Matrix PCM

Once you have identified the ECM to be at fault, it is essential to get it replaced. ECM diagnostics and replacements should be carried out by experts to avoid voiding your warranty with the vehicle manufacturer. Troubleshooting process usually involves inspecting the control unit, resetting error codes and performing various diagnostics with the OBD-II scanner. Mintt makes this entire process simple, so you won’t need to tow your car or visit an expensive garage. You can perform a quick installation from wherever you are, including your own driveway. Our ECM units also come with a lifetime warranty and are 100% compatible with the indicated car models.

To replace your 2010 Toyota Matrix you only need to have the vehicle identification number that we will use to pre-program your control unit. Remember to enter the VIN in the textbox labeled VIN Number during checkout. If you do not have a VIN, you can still purchase the PCM and then contact us via phone (877-996-4688) or email ([email protected]). All Mintt ECM units pass quality control before going into off-board testing by certified technicians. ASE-Certified in-house mechanics also perform onboard tests to ensure all powertrain control modules leave our facility ready for instant installation.

Why Mintt PCMS?

    Your purchase also comes with various perks, including:

  • A FREE lifetime warranty on the unit (including a return shipping label where applicable)
  • FREE domestic shipping
  • 100% Tested OEM units
  • Industry lowest prices with no core charge or return so you can keep your old unit
  • Latest software updates from the car’s manufacturer