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Flashed vs. Non-flashed Engine Computer: what’s the difference?

Explaining the difference between flashed and non-flashed engine computers.

Engine Computer: what's the difference?

Flashed vs. Non-flashed Engine Computer: what’s the difference?

We receive a lot of questions from our customers every day. Among all of them, one of the most common is “What is the difference between a flashed and a non-flashed control module?” it’s understandable why people are wondering, since there’s a lot of misconceptions about it.  To summarize briefly, a flashed control module will communicate directly with your vehicles engine to make adjustments/improvements as need be.  A control module that has not been flashed is simply a stock computer that will not provide any improvements to the driveability of your vehicle. Essentially, having your control module flashed occasionally during the life of your vehicle will soon be a necessity for most vehicles.  We’ve listed the three main advantages of having your Engine Computer flashed below:

1. More power for the engine.

Engine Computer flashing procedure unlocks your car’s potential – you may either increase a torque or a throttle response with it. Flashing won’t make a dramatic performance difference but will help satisfy a particular owner’s preference.

2. Better fuel efficiency

Depending on the settings and software, a vehicle’s fuel economy can be improved by up to 40%.

3. Make your engine computer up-to-date

Another important reason to flash your car engine computer is to keep up with the latest manufacturer updates. Just like your smartphone, your car computer needs to be refreshed too (not with the same periodicity, luckily). Whether it’s just small gearbox algorithm tweaks, mileage and emissions improvements, or some essential driveability/safety issues, these tweaks will lead to a day and night difference in the performance of your vehicle.


That’s it for now, folks, we hope it was helpful. Stay tuned and read on. We’ll be back soon with another post.

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