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2004 Ford Explorer 4.0L Engine Computer (PCM/ECM/ECU) Programmed & Updated

Programmed, Flashed & Updated with the latest OEM Software Updates from the car manufacturers.

PCM ECU ECM part numbers that are compatible with this control unit

4L2A-12A650-AAA, 4L2A-12A650-AAB, 4L2A-12A650-AAC, 4L2A-12A650-ABA, 4L2A-12A650-ABB, 4L2A-12A650-ABC, 4L2A-12A650-ACA, 4L2A-12A650-ACB, 4L2A-12A650-ACC, 4L2A-12A650-ADA, 4L2A-12A650-ADB, 4L2A-12A650-ADC, 4L2A-12A650-DD, 4L2A-12A650-DE, 4L2A-12A650-DF, 4L2A-12A650-DG, 4L2A-12A650-DH, 4L2A-12A650-DJ, 4L2A-12A650-MD, 4L2A-12A650-ME, 4L2A-12A650-MF, 4L2A-12A650-MG, 4L2A-12A650-MH, 4L2A-12A650-MI, 4L2A-12A650-MJ, 4U7A-12A650-ATA, 4U7A-12A650-ATB, 4U7A-12A650-ATC, 4U7A-12A650-ATD, 4U7A-12A650-AUA, 4U7A-12A650-AUB, 4U7A-12A650-AUC, 4U7A-12A650-AUD, 4U7A-12A650-DBA, 4U7A-12A650-DBB, 4U7A-12A650-DBC, 4U7A-12A650-DCA, 4U7A-12A650-DCB, 4U7A-12A650-DCC, 4U7A-12A650-DDA, 4U7A-12A650-DDB, 4U7A-12A650-DDC, 4U7A-12A650-DEA, 4U7A-12A650-DEB, 4U7A-12A650-DEC, 4U7A-12A650-GHA, 4U7A-12A650-GJA, 4U7A-12A650-GKA, 4U7A-12A650-GLA, 4U7A-12A650-GMA, 4U7A-12A650-GNA, 4U7A-12A650-JEA, 4U7A-12A650-JEB, 4U7A-12A650-JEC, 4U7A-12A650-JED, 4U7A-12A650-JFA, 4U7A-12A650-JFB, 4U7A-12A650-JFC, 4U7A-12A650-JFD, 4U7A-12A650-JFE, 4U7A-12A650-JGA, 4U7A-12A650-JGB, 4U7A-12A650-JGC, 4U7A-12A650-JGD, 4U7A-12A650-JHA, 4U7A-12A650-JHB, 4U7A-12A650-JHC, 4U7A-12A650-JHD, 4U7A-12A650-JHE, 4U7A-12A650-JJA, 4U7A-12A650-JJB, 4U7A-12A650-JJC, 4U7A-12A650-JJD, 4U7A-12A650-JJE, 4U7A-12A650-JKA, 4U7A-12A650-JKB, 4U7A-12A650-JKC, 4U7A-12A650-JKD, 4U7A-12A650-JLA, 4U7A-12A650-JLB, 4U7A-12A650-JLC, 4U7A-12A650-JLD, 4U7A-12A650-JLE, 4U7A-12A650-JMA, 4U7A-12A650-JMB, 4U7A-12A650-JMC, 4U7A-12A650-JMD, 4U7A-12A650-JNA, 4U7A-12A650-JNB, 4U7A-12A650-JNC, 4U7A-12A650-JND, 4U7A-12A650-JPA, 4U7A-12A650-JPB, 4U7A-12A650-JPC, 4U7A-12A650-JPD, 4U7A-12A650-JPE, 4U7A-12A650-JRA, 4U7A-12A650-JRB, 4U7A-12A650-JRC, 4U7A-12A650-JRD, 4U7A-12A650-JSA, 4U7A-12A650-JSB, 4U7A-12A650-JSC, 4U7A-12A650-JSD, 4U7A-12A650-JSE, 4U7A-12A650-LCA, 4U7A-12A650-LCB, 4U7A-12A650-LDA, 4U7A-12A650-LDB, 4U7A-12A650-LEA, 4U7A-12A650-LEB, 4U7A-12A650-LFA, 4U7A-12A650-LFB, 4U7A-12A650-LGA, 4U7A-12A650-LGB, 4U7A-12A650-LHA & 4U7A-12A650-LHB

MINTT OEM Auto Engine Computers (PCM/ECM/ECU Modules) are refurbished and tested to meet industry standards. No need to take your car to the Dealership; Mintt’s OEM Engine Control Units are the leader in quality and price.
This powertrain control module unit arrives Plug & Play and Programmed to your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). Your PCM ECM ECU engine control module has been pre inspected, cleaned, programmed, updated, tested, and warranty sealed all in-house by our team of technical specialists. Your auto computer control module pcm will arrive ready to be installed in your car, so what are you waiting for? Order your control unit module now and have your car back on the road in no time! We also offer powertrain control module ECM repair service.
Ford Explorer ECM PCM ECU module is Programmed, Flashed & Updated to your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It has been inspected, cleaned, tested, and warranty sealed all in-house by our team of our powertrain control unit computer specialists. It will arrive ready to be installed in your car, so what are you waiting for? Order your module now and have your car back on the road in no time!
We will require your VIN or part number in order to program the unit. Please provide this number during checkout in the field labeled “VIN” or you can send it to us through email or by telephone. You can find this number on the metal plate on the lower-right corner of your car’s dashboard; it’s also located on the certification label inside the driver’s side doorjamb.
Unable to find your part number or where the electrical control unit is located?

(877) 996-4688 |
Don’t hesitate to call or email our customer service support agents with any car computer inquiries or product questions. We also have a no core charge policy. Every module purchased from MINTT comes with a Warranty.

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