Engine Size

Experience superior control with our specialized selection of Ford Flex PCM (Powertrain Control Module), also referred to as ECM (Engine Control Module) or ECU (Engine Control Unit). These state-of-the-art auto replacement computers are the command center of your vehicle, driving optimal engine performance, fuel efficiency, and emission controls. With a decade’s worth of relentless commitment to programming services, Mintt has emerged as a global standard-bearer, consistently delivering unmatched performance and reliability. Our Ford Flex PCM is a clear demonstration of our dedication to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, earning the trust and endorsement of dealerships across the globe. With the world’s largest inventory, boasting over 300,000 parts, we stand prepared to invigorate your Ford Flex with unparalleled performance and durability. When you opt for a Mintt ECM, ECU, or PCM, you’re not merely buying a product – you’re investing in a pledge of excellence and a lifetime of unwavering service.