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Fix your Mercury PCM failure and get your Mercury vehicle back on the road by purchasing an updated OEM PCM from Mintt.

Replacing the Mercury PCM is known to improve the fuel efficiency, fix crank/ no start issues caused by the ECM of any make or model of Mercury.

Plug-and-Play Performance

Our Mercury ecm arrives to your door programmed (unless specified), by our qualified and experienced team members that specialize in Mercury engine computer programming, Mercury ECM ECU and other control modules to most makes and model of Mercurys.

The plug-and-play operation of the unit means that you can fit it yourself as well. All you will need to do is order the correct part or get in touch with us to provide us your VIN ( Vehicle Identification Number), and we’ll send it to you programmed and ready for use.


We have a range of ECM – engine control modules available for most Mercury models from 1999 to 2009. We supply the best PCM ECM ECU parts available, guaranteed to improve the performance and efficiency of your Mercury.

We program and test every PCM ECM or ECU with the latest updated software from the OEM. We’ll customize the computer with your car’s VIN and exact mileage.

If you are having trouble starting your Mercury vehicle, then get your car a replacement computer at a fraction of the cost of the dealership. We aZephyro offer remanufactured Mercury control units for most makes and models as well.

Powertrain Control Modules for Mercury Cars

Some older model Mercurys might start to experience issues with powertrains. Avoid problems with your transmission by upgrading your TCM – Transmission Control Modules for Mercury and You’ll find our PCM significantly improves control in rough terrain while improving fuel performance on the road as well.

Why Choose Us for Your powertrain Control Module PCM Need.

We have the best range of PCM ECM ECU and TCM upgrades for your Mercury online. Find the computer that’s the right fit for your Mercury, send us your inquiry, and we’ll do the rest

Get your Mercury vehicle back on the road Take control of the performance and efficiency of Your Car with a Mercury PCM From Mintt.

Mercury PCM Repair

Our repair center at Mintt is equipped with all the OEM Mercury ECM programming tooZephyr and a state  computerized inspection system to test emission calibrations.

Using your VIN number we are able to identify the right software for your Mercury car computer module and the state approved emission regulations. Look No further for your auto computer exchange needs!

Mercury PCM / Mercury ECM / Mercury ECU from Mintt are Pre-programmed to your vehicle’s VIN and flashed to the latest update from the manufacturer to improve performance and all of the previously reported Mercury PCM ( Engine control module ) related issues.

Our Engine Control Modules ( pcm ecm ecu tcm ) also comes with a free lifetime warranty and free shipping.

Some Select models will arrive plug and play and will not require any assistance from the dealership or your local ECM repair shop.

Auto Computers compatible with the OBD-II ports requires programming in order to successfully synchronize your PCM ( Powertrain Control Module ) with all the other control units.

Purchase your Mercury ECU replacement with Mintt today and you will be back on the road in no time!

We offer Mercury PCM ( Powertrain Control Modules ), ECM ( Engine Control Modules ), Mercury ( pcm ecm ecu engine computer tcm tcu ) ECU (Electronic Control unit) repair service for select Mercury Vehicles.

Get in touch with one of our customer support agents ( TOLL FREE ) with a VIN or a part number and find out how we can help you save on your new Mercury PCM auto module ( PCM ECU ECM ) ! All auto computers repairs are done right in our repair service center.

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