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Chrysler PCM Guides

The idea behind this Chrysler Auto computer blog by Mintt is to help our customers understand the importance and the benefits of having an engine control module that is programmed and working as it should. We also aim to help assist you on diagnosing anything that is not performing as it should in your Chrysler vehicle and your Chrysler control unit.

2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM Replacement Guide

Thinking of replacing your 2003 Chrysler Town and Country PCM but unsure of how to move forward? Then you're at the right place. Before we get into it all you need to understand what exactly is the PCM and some of the symptoms of a having a non working auto computer.  The acronym PCM stands for the Powertrain Control Modules it is also known as the ECM or the ECU. The powertrain control module is the brain of your vehicle,basically...