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Ford PCM Guides

The idea behind this Ford Auto computer blog by Mintt is to help our customers understand the importance and the benefits of having an engine control module that is programmed and working as it should. We also aim to help assist you on diagnosing anything that is not performing as it should in your Ford vehicle and your Ford control unit.

2013 Ford Explorer problems

2013 Ford Explorer Problems You Should Not Ignore

The 2013 Ford Explorer is amongst the best seven-passenger vehicles one can own. The reason is that the Ford Explorer Limited goes to great lengths to offer continued affordable, comfortable, and, most importantly, safe cars. It comes with the functions and features of a minivan but has the sports and rugged look of an SUV.   The Ford Explorer 2013 is an excellent choice for most weathers, including winter, where most roads have deep snow and ice levels. Its comfortability also makes...

2003 Ford Explorer Problems

2003 Ford Explorer Problems That Are Way Too Common

The 2003 Ford Explorer is one of the best midsize drive systems on the market today. The Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer is even made better by adding a quality CD player, improved sound system, and perfect off-road package. Standard in almost all Explorers is a SOHC V6 engine making 254 pound-feet torque and 210 horsepower. Optional in all Ford models except XLS is a 4.6l V8 engine that is good for 239 horsepower. The model is outfitted with a safety canopy...

2005 Ford Explorer problems

2005 Ford Explorer Problems You Should Not Ignore

The 2005 Ford Explorer SUV is the last of the third making, which began in 2002. The mid-size drive system is the heart of all makings, with additional features that make it the best-selling model in North America for about 15 years. The wagon is based on a truck frame with lots of space than most Ford owners will ever use as it comes with an optional third-row seat. The 2005 Ford SUV has not changed much, but it has...