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How To Buy The RIGHT Powertrain Control Module For Your Ford?

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How To Buy The RIGHT Powertrain Control Module For Your Ford?

So, the time came for you to replace the Powertrain Control Module on your Ford vehicle. The most important thing is to make sure that you have the Right number of the PCM unit on you. It’ll prevent you from shipping the wrong item back to the store, losing your money, and even having some issues with your vehicle.

So, how to check if the number of your replacement unit is correct?

1. Check it by the hardware type. It is the code that is printed on the top of the pin section of your PCM. That’s where it’s supposed to be labeled on an OEM Ford part. You need to make sure that you are ordering the part by using this number. Take a look at this picture and compare it with the one that you have.

An example of the Ford PCM label that contains both Hardware type and Serial ID number. Usually, the Hardware Type consists of 3 alphabetic characters followed by a dash and other 3-5 characters.

2. Check the Service ID. It’s the number located next to the hardware type number and the barcode. This code represents the correct calibration number for this particular device type. Important notice: there may be various latest calibrations realized by a single “F” appendix, this is why it’s essential that you have the right hardware code.

3. Check the Ford ID number. Some modules don’t have a hardware type marked on the label. In this case, you have to order your PCM by the Service ID number (the number contains “12A650” code inserted in the middle of the part number). If for some reason, your PCM doesn NOT have a hardware type, the Ford ID number can be read with a proper diagnostics tool.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about ordering a new PCM. If you are looking for a professionally programmed Ford PCM, check out MINTT’s catalog. We have ECM/ECU/PCM Units available for any Ford Models, of any Year and Engine Configurations.

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