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How To Reset Your Auto Computer Easily

Gm engine control module and how to reset tour auto engine control module

How To Reset Your Auto Computer Easily

Understanding The Engine Control Module

One of the engine computer’s most vital properties is its capacity to store massive amounts of data that help provide a foundation for the powertrain control module to act restoratively within the vehicle. The control module is constantly receiving this data from a multitude of different sensors which the module uses to make adjustments in order to allow the vehicle to run as efficiently as possible. This data is instrumental for the powertrain control module to function with the precision that the vehicle requires, and there are a few factors that contribute to it. The environment, age of the vehicle, diagnostic information, and the driving habits of the car owner all cause the vehicle to make adjustments and this information makes up a large part of the memory stored within the unit. This is a significant transition from how the vehicle used to work when adjustments were made manually instead of automatically.


The auto control module is continuously working to learn the intricacies of the vehicle that it is installed in; it is constantly learning the owner’s driving habits and the frequent adjustments it has had to make as a result so that, moving forward, these adjustments become more seamless. For example, if the driver normally accelerates hard, then the engine control will adapt in accordance with this habit. While this memory storage is an important part of how the vehicle functions, knowing how to reset this information can also be an important tool to have and is beneficial in many ways. 

Gm engine control module and how to reset tour auto engine control module

Knowing how to reset your control units is especially important during the diagnostic process and should be done as you begin replacing parts. When your check engine light comes on, it will be accompanied by a trouble code that can be retrieved with a scan tool. These codes can be researched to help guide you to the root of the problem so you can determine whether any major components need to be replaced. At the first sign of a check engine light, you may want to reset your control module to ensure that this was not an error; a false reading like this could actually be indicative of a faulty engine control itself. If the check engine light does come back, however, you can begin replacing parts while making sure to reset the engine control module each time a component is replaced. Resetting the engine control module will prompt a relearn procedure to clear its long term memory and bring the module back to its original state in addition to resetting the fault code.

How To Reset Your Auto Computer

You will want to disconnect the battery’s positive and negative terminals and leave them disconnected for up to fifteen minutes. After reconnecting them, you will want to drive you vehicle for up to 30 minutes and 45 minutes when replacing a Jeep PCM and wait to see if the check engine light returns or if the vehicle begins to function normally. Bear in mind that this process may vary slightly from vehicle to vehicle and some vehicles require the driver to press down the brakes for a few minutes. Knowing this relearn procedure will help reduce unnecessary returns as a result of inaccurate diagnosis from a trouble code that may not actually be there.

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