Ignition Control Modules

 Ignition Control Modules

An Ignition Control Module (ICM) is the small computer that enables your car to start up. It can often be found near the distributor, or even inside. It controls your ignition coil and takes the spark created by your battery and communicates with the rest of the ignition system to begin the process of starting your vehicle. If your engine is suddenly stalling, or your gas mileage is plummeting, it may be time for a new Ignition Control Module.

All of our Ignition Control Modules come with a Lifetime Warranty. MINTT also provides ICM repair and ICM replacement services. So if you have a bad ICM, please call us today. We are currently in the process of listing all the Control Modules we have in-stock available for purchase. We plan to have them all on our website as soon as possible, in the meantime please give our office a call if we do not have the particular part listed that you need.

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