Light Control Modules

 Light Control Modules

A Light Control Module (LCM) enables proper functioning of your vehicle’s headlights, tail lights, signals, brake lights, and in some models the horn. This is a vital component of your vehicle’s safety system. How do you know your LCM isn’t working? Your blinkers and lights may function erratically, or stop working altogether. This creates a hazardous situation on the road since other drivers may not know of your intent to change lanes, see you braking, or even notice your vehicle in the dark. A faulty LCM would also cause your vehicle to fail a safety/emissions inspection.

Some vehicles also have a Headlamp Control Module, which controls the opening and closing function of the vehicles headlamps. Symptoms of a failing Headlight Control Module may include a headlamp not moving up and down, headlamps may open randomly, or they may not open at all.

Reasons for failure could include a bad fuse, poor wiring or connections, or perhaps the module has reached the end of its lifespan. If you need to replace your Light Control Module, you can do so fairly easily, as it is usually located above the gas pedal and to the right, just beneath your steering wheel.

All of our Light Control Modules come with a Lifetime Warranty. Trust MINTT to provide you with the best value on Light Control Modules and genuine OEM parts. We are expanding our inventory every day, so if you don’t see the LCM you’re looking for, you can call or email our experts today.

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