Suspension Control Modules

 Suspension Control Modules

An Electronic Suspension Control Module (ESC) controls the vehicle ride characteristics by independently regulating all four shock absorbers. The sensors connected to the ESC system manage many different variables, including the steering angle, pitch/yaw, dampening force and wheel displacement. It takes milliseconds for the system to relay the necessary damping force adjustments depending on the road situation – by activating built-in electrical actuators.

Suspension Control Modules also allow the vehicle to store the diagnostic trouble codes (as current codes or history). ESC use an ignition cycling diagnostic approach for reducing the faulty/intermittent code occurrence. This allows any failures to be accepted whenever a malfunction condition is current. But it requires the malfunction to be current for a certain number of ignition cycles before the corresponding malfunction code will be displayed.

All of MINTT’s SCMs are refurbished to the original manufacturer’s factory-fresh standards for the quality and peace of mind you deserve. Drive with confidence, regardless of any bumps in the road with our refurbished modules. For optimal comfort and performance, trust MINTT for your replacement SCM. We are currently in the process of listing all the Suspension Control Modules we have in-stock available for purchase.  If you need an SCM for your car, Call or Email us Today.

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