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2015 Ford Motorhome 6.8L Engine Control Module (PCM/ECM/ECU) Programmed & Updated

Common Symptoms Of A Failing ECM

It is challenging to maintain today’s vehicles without a proper understanding of their computer systems. Setting your car’s fuel-to-air proportion and adjusting the timing belt are now things of the past. Currently, primary computers (PCM, TCM, and ECM) control such functions. ECM (engine control module) is amongst the most significant components in nearly all contemporary vehicles. Other names of ECM include the engine control unit (ECU) and PCM (powertrain control module). Primarily, it functions as the primary...

Example of an engine control module ( How to diagnose your ECM )

How To Diagnose Your Car’s Engine Control Module

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) is also known as the Engine Control Module (Engine Computer Module), and it is the main on-board computer that monitors/controls vehicle functions. The PCM is available in nearly all modern vehicles as a single computer. Older cars have the Engine Control Module and the Transmission Control Module (TCM) monitoring engine and transmission functions, respectively. At its worst, a failing PCM might render your car inoperable. Reasons the PCM fails Powertrain Control Modules often fail because of...

example of a dodge cummins engine control module

The Auto Engine Control Module and When to Replace It

The act of diagnosing your auto engine control module, or ECM/PCM, can oftentimes be a long and involved process. When it comes to the control module, or electrical components in general, it is not always clear where your symptoms are originating from which can make it difficult to determine where you should begin in terms of testing and replacement. For many people, the engine control module can be perceived as a sort of enigma and when it malfunctions, it...

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