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Trouble starting up? It could be your Engine Control Module.

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Trouble starting up? It could be your Engine Control Module.

Your Engine Control Module acts as the communicator between numerous sensors within your vehicle. It processes this input and dictates the functions within your vehicle that allow it to function properly. It goes without saying that a failing ECM needs a quick and accurate diagnosis. While a failing ECM may at times not be recognized right away, we can offer some insight to help you make a proper determination and get you back on the road as quickly as possible!

Is your check engine light on? Maybe your engine is misfiring or stalling, too. If these occurrences seem to have no pattern and are inconsistent, your engine computer might be on its way out. Your vehicle’s performance could give you clues in the early stages of failure. Pay close attention to things like acceleration, fuel economy, and how quickly your car starts up. If you notice things starting to go in the wrong direction, it may be time to look at your ECM.

How will you know if your ECM is the cause of the problem? Sometimes you can tell just by a quick visual inspection. Take a look at the inside of the computer. If the failure stems from damage from an electrical short, you will see signs right away. Maybe your computer was exposed to the elements due to faulty casing, and water got in, leading to corrosion. That type of often visible to the eye, as well. If you can’t detect any problem visually, you can also do a quick scan.
If you find that you need to replace your ECM, MINTT can match you with the right one for your specific vehicle. Call us at (877) 996-4688 to speak to one of our seasoned experts.

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