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Why Your Car Engine Computer Just Died

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Why Your Car Engine Computer Just Died

You need a new car engine computer because your original one has died.  Luckily, you’re at the best place for that — VR00m, the company blog of MINTT, the top car engine computer specialists in the business!  While you wait on your quality replacement from our shop, we’ll take time in this article explaining the likely reasons your computer choked.

Why Engine Computers Fail

There are many reasons why they die.  They’re electronics, after all — moisture, foreign particles, and temperature extremes affect them gravely, even if they’re hermetically encased in very tough rugged metal.  Some old OBD-I designs may incur electrical overloads such as shorted acutators, while even an OBD-II unit can admit leaks from, for example, windshield seals.

Corroded harness connectors, vibrations from improper mounting, or simple mechanical damage…the installer replacing your engine computer can determine any number of causes.  The engine computer, technically known as an Engine Control Module (ECM) or Engine Control Unit (ECU), is these days often just a part of the larger Powertrain Control Module (PCM) and so may also fail due to reasons related to the PCM.  Again, it will take the careful diagnosis of a properly trained and experienced technician to verify the precise reason for malfunctioning.

What to Do When Your ECU/PCM/ETC Conks Out

You can replace such parts right here at MINTT, the industry’s price and quality leader when it comes to all kinds of Electronic Control Modules for transmissions, powertrains, fuel injectors, airbags, and braking systems…anything and everything related to computerized vehicular control is available!

Just call (877) 996-4688 or write us online and one of our expert professionals will help you resolve your issue pronto!  The sooner you get in touch the sooner we can start working on the problem.  Our representatives are highly experienced and can help determine your exact needs, given your circumstances, so that you’ll be riding your set of wheels again in no time!

We’ve been in the business for nearly a decade serving people just like you, getting them their new engine computers or other vehicular electronic control module right away at the lowest possible prices — all with friendly knowledgeable service second to none.  You can’t go wrong choosing MINTT because you’ll save money along with getting the peace of mind that you deserve.  Call (877) 996-4688 or e-mail us and let’s get you driving again in no time!  Thank you for your business; we look forward to serving you very soon with all the courteous assistance you deserve.

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